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Ocean of Changes (EN)

Ocean of Changes

Ocean of changes – an ongoing project, coordinated by the CORE (Climate and Ocean Research and Education Laboratory) in close cooperation with international partners is a part of the European educational platform, EU4Ocean Coalition. Since 2021, the Ocean of Changes is an official partner of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

The idea of ​​the Ocean of Changes project is to exchange information on matters relating to the seas and oceans in order to build a community operating under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in the case of local activities, with particular emphasis on the Baltic Sea.

The project consists of two annual, international conferences for youth and young researchers entitled “Where the World is Heading”, an annual science picnic and year-round educational workshops for children and youth.


Our goals

In our work we propose a holistic approach to the description of phenomena that take place in the natural environment, with particular emphasis on the role of the ocean-atmosphere system in shaping and modifying climate processes and the effects of climate change on the natural environment, including humans being inspired with the philosophy of the UN Sustainable Development Goals,.

Humans play an important role in climate change and therefore we believe that our mission as scientists is to disseminate knowledge about the changing natural environment and educate society about these changes. Our message includes information on how we as a hummanity should prepare for climate change and how we try to reduce the impact of it. Therefore, as a team, we organize and actively participate in all educational activities promoting knowledge about the environment and its changes.

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