This is a joint activity of the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences and the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium carried out in cooperation with the Sopot Science Association and Today We Have. It is a bottom-up project resulting from the epidemiological situation in Poland, which made it impossible to conduct maritime education in its current form. So far, we have been implementing our project which is very successful and popular <3. The aim of the Handbook is not only to interest the recipients with topics related to the marine environment or to explain the basic phenomena occurring in nature. It is about awakening the sea consciousness and showing the unbreakable bond between each of the inhabitants of the planet Earth and the All-Ocean.

Not Another Ocean Handbook is a series of short videos covering all sorts of issues related to the marine environment, from the ocean current system, to relations with the atmosphere, ocean life, ecology, fisheries and the activities of international organizations such as the United Nations. Scientists and educators are shown in completely different circumstances than lecture chairs, which adds value to the project. The pandemic has resulted in films being made at home and on the beach, bringing audiences closer to broadcasters and disenchanting the image of scientists as inaccessible characters.

The films are published on the oceanliteracy.pl website and on the Facebook profiles of the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium and the Institute of Oceanology PAN. You can also find them on YouTube (episodes of IOPAN) and below.

In December 2023, on the Silesian Sience Festival in Katowice we received the Pop Science award in the videoblog category. We thank all the fans who voted for the textbook in the competition poll!

Team of #Not Another Ocean Handbook

From the left:  Gosia (Aquarium), Weronika (Aquarium), Izabela (Today We Have), Ola (IO PAN), Tymon (IO PAN), Grażyna (Aquarium), Paulina (IO PAN), Tomek (IO PAN)

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