CommOCEAN 2022 conference

From 30 November to 1 December 2022 we, as our CORE Laboratory, had the great pleasure to participate in the 5th edition of the International Marine Science Communication Conference.

A conference is dedicated to professional communicator working in a marine institutions, governmental body or a NGO, or a marine scientist that would like to be speed-trained by experts in the skills of modern ocean science communication. Our conference programme combines hands-on exercises in current science communication skills for disseminating ocean research and technology, with plenty of expertise-sharing, social interaction and fascinating marine science along the way.

We have prepared various activities for the conference, such as presentations and workshops.


I. Kotynska-Zielinska, T. Zielinski, T. Kijewski, A. Koroza,P. Pakszys. I live by the Sea Ocean Action interactive workshop.


T. Zielinski, , T. Kijewski, I. Kotynska-Zielinska, A. Koroza, P. Pakszys. Abundance of ocean data vs. effective communication. Where is the missing link?

P. Pakszys, T. Zielinski, , T. Kijewski, A. Koroza. Conference requests and communication errors

T. Zielinski, J. Dengg, T. Kijewski, I. Kotynska-Zielinska, A. Koroza, P. Pakszys.  Bright and darks sides of COVID-19 pandemic turbulences in Ocean Literacy communication and education.

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