eCUDO Symposjum in Paris

Sympozjum Polish Scientific Institutions for Information Society under Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Symposium “Polish scientific institutions for the information society within the decade of ocean science in the service of sustainable development” is  ended. It was a great pleasure to meet you in a great surrounding in Paris at Académie Polonaise des Sciences – Centre Scientifique à Paris!

On the first  day we have listened today 10 presentations in connection to our project. The second day of our conference were focus mostly around the sustainable development goals. We have listened three lectures about how to mitigate and adapt, built awareness about the oceans, how we can sustainable our science/education in a changing world. Then we take a part in interactive pane discussion when we talk together about how we can efficiently use online resources to promote sustainable development.


Thank you for being with us.

If you missed this event, or you interesting in further processing day please follow us on Youtube (also recordings will be available):

◾️ Day 1

◾️ Day 2


The program is available on our website,215,en


The exhibition of the “I live by the sea” contest carried out under the aegis of this meeting as part of Ocean of Changes :),  is available on whie photographic report is here!

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