The results of the Ocean of Changes 2021 competition

Our competition met with a wide response. All the works we received told about the climate crisis in their own unique way. Many of them made us think and choosing the winning peace of art was not easy at all. The members of the jury chose the animation which, according to them, most eloquently presented the vision of changes in the ocean environment in 2050.

Congratulations Agata Kamińska and Martyna Wawrzycka! It was your work that most appealed to our imagination and our sense of aesthetics. The gulf between the destroyed natural environment and artificial human habitats has been perfectly delineated, and even better animated. The winners of the Ocean of Changes competition describe their animation as follows:

Together with my team, we want to draw attention to human ignorance, waste and pollution. We want to compare technological progress to how we are killing our planet -earth along the way. We also want to draw people’s attention to the living animals that struggle daily to survive among the rubbish.

Winning animation:

We also want to congratulate the teams whose works we have distinguished. Your works are remembered and show your lack of indifference to the condition of the Earth. Patryk Krępa, Paweł Głodzik and Jakub Stachowicz, thank you for sharing your point of view on the topic of forests cleared for concrete jungles.

Akindeju Oluwagbemiga i Adedewe Abiodun, your work is a comprehensive animation on projected climate change in 2050. Thank you for looking at this topic in such detail!





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